About us

The distribution of films created by young independent authors is complex. For this reason, “Short Film Distribution” was born with the aim of promoting, selling and distributing your film in the Film Festivals all over the world with passion, enthusiasm and determination.

Promoter and creator of S.F.D. is the Sicilian director Antonio Carnemolla  who has been making short films and documentaries, festivals and reviews for more than 20 years.

A team of cinema professionals, assigned to the press office and web marketing, will promote your short film, following you step by step in the promotion of your work that you have dreamed of, conceived, written on paper and finally realized in images.

Now the time has come to let people know who you are and your talent. Short Film Distribution will carefully select the short films that come to us, after which an extraordinary journey towards a possible dream will begin: to make your creativity known to an audience all over the world.


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